You or someone in your family may have a carpet allergy to both new and old carpeting.

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Carpeting can be a major source of allergies, both new carpet that emits chemical odors and old carpet that harbors allergens.

Concerning new carpet; the carpet, padding and adhesives emit volatile organic compounds and some people report symptoms such as upper respiratory irritations, headaches, skin rashes, shortness of breath or cough, any fatigue, when new carpeting is installed.  The odor associated with new carpet is generally caused by the chemicals 4-phenylcyclohexene (4-PC).  This chemical can be detected at very low levels, but does not always result in an unpleasant odor.  The odor is no longer detectable after the carpeting has been down for a few days.

There are several steps you can take that will make the carpet installation process easier for sensitive persons.  First consult with your installer.  Ask for help in selecting carpet, padding and adhesives that have the lowest emissions.  Request that the carpet installer follow the Carpet and Rug Institute's Installation Guidelines.  Before installing the carpet, you can also request that the installer unrolls and airs out the carpet in a well ventilated area.  If possible, have the sensitive person leave the home during and immediately after carpet installation.  Reduce concentrations of carpet emissions by increasing the ventilation in the area.  Open the windows and doors and use fans to increase the amount of fresh air exchanged in the room.  Run the building's ventilation system fan for two or three days after installation.

As far as old carpeting goes, everything that touches your pet's feet or the bottom of your shoes is tracked in and deposited in your carpet.  Additionally, fleas and insects can breed there, along with dust mites that feed on animal dander or any other dead skin that finds its way into your carpeting.

Our safe, EPA approved borate based dust mite and flea control powder work wonders to help remove allergy causing dust mites from your carpet.


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